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Happy Holidays to our awesome listeners!

Prior to our "big move" (still in progress!) the team sat down to discuss scheduling and programming for the first half of 2017.  These are "peak listener" times, and it's never a grand idea to make changes to online radio lineups during this particular phase of the year.  While terrestrial radio and other mediums receive better ratings during the Summer months, it's true that stations of our particular type tend to show higher listener averages during the first half and tail end of every year.  So it's always been clear to us.... during this schedule block cycle... "change is bad!" 

However, we are an incredibly stupid bunch of happy team players... so we are proceeding to do the unthinkable. Therefore... the following programming will not be renewed after the Holiday Season format ceases on January 1, 2017:

BeatleFest Sunday
HollyHop Radio

Contractually, and in compliance with the DMCA regulations which allow us to operate, it's simply not feasible to continue to produce this programming at this time. Whether these programs will be discontinued permanently or temporarily remains to be seen.  But, for the foreseeable future, there will be other programming in those time slots (Saturday mornings and Sunday, respectively).  I can tell by the shocked silence that you're as unhappy about these changes as we were.... until we started dreaming of all the really great and cool program possibilities that we could think up and implement.

There is one other change that is a personal one for me.  As of February 1st, I will be stepping down as emcee of "Simply 80's", aired nightly at 8:00PM EST.  As the station continues to grow, and my tasks increase as both program director and host of the "Morning Show", the demand requires me to refocus my attention towards these roles.  Simply 80's originated as an hour-long on-demand program (via Real Audio) in 1996, which makes it one year older than my daughter and precedes "DFW Radio" by nine years.  So this decision was as difficult as it was sad for me to make.  A new host will be announced shortly.

So, what new and exciting things do we have planned for you in 2017?  What new shows will be in those old, time-honored program slots?
Aww heck, relax, everyone! You're in good hands... would we let you down?  Nahhhh.  But we WOULD keep you in suspense until after the holiday season.  Because... well... we're just mean, like that. 

Until my next post on the other side of the New Year...

Peace & Love to all... and Merry Christmas/Happy New Year from our family to yours.

  David Orwig
  Program Director & Occasionally Obnoxious Deejay