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Anther Holiday season is upon us.  Every year we get into the spirit of the season and bring you some of the best Christmas memories, both past and present... from the middle of November to January 1st.  This year is no exception... but it almost didn't happen.
You probably noticed that we were off the air from late September to mid-November.  Unfortunately, the reasons are too varied to get into, but, needless to say, we were scrambling to resolve the issues in time to launch our Holiday format.  I'm very happy to report that we didn't disappoint.  On November 14th, the day before my birthday, incidentally. we began streaming.  Since the Holiday format was scheduled to begin in a few short weeks anyway, we simply decided that Christmas was going to be early for us this year. So, no doubt, our listeners found the station back online and streaming "All Christmas, All The Time".  Believe me, it was a great birthday present for me, as well!

Happy Holidays!

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