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You probably never wondered what it takes for a radio station to gear up for a format change that lasts for only 6 weeks out of the year.  Well, now you won't ever have to.

The holidays are upon us.  Most of you don't consider this as an epic event in your professional lives, but for the modest, small staff (5) of DFW Radio... the fun starts during the first week of October.

The program director (That's me, by the way) starts pouring over song titles and playlists from the year before, adding and updating, tweaking and timing about a dozen configurations for each show.  Bet you thought everything was improvised, didn't you?  Not hardly.

Around the same time, our on-air staff begin working with the engineer (or pulling double-duty as both), producing Holiday Station ID's, tags, liners, and just about everything else you hear in-between songs (except their live banter), including commercial promos.  This year, the bulk of that production fell upon our newest sucker....errrr... I mean member of the DFW Family, Charme Cassidy; and let me tell ya... that girl's got skill and brought her "A" Game!

By the beginning of November, we bring in Jon Coleman to finalize some voiceover artist work for us... and while he's sub-contracted, we still consider him an indispensable part of our team.

Back in the early days of DFW, some 15 years ago, The process was far more simplistic.  I did all of these jobs myself, on the fly, and then compiled about 12 hours of music which I put on an endless loop!  Every year, it becomes more complex and we seem to be starting earlier and earlier.   Adding more variety meant recruiting more staff, including our on-air personalities.  It's important to mention that as we run on a very simple budget, remain commercial-free, and remain not-for-profit, each of us volunteer our time and various talents towards keeping the station operational and our programs professionally produced, often doubling as producer, engineer, while continuing to deliver our shows each day as on-air talent. 

So, we have plenty to celebrate as this Holiday Season approaches.  We're so very happy that you're a part of our family.

Happy Holidays!

Peace, Love, Eternal Pizza!

  David Orwig
  Program Director & Occasionally Obnoxious Deejay 

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