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Website Updates

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Feb 2 '20 | By David Orwig | Views: 123 | Comments: 0
Website Updates

Okay, so I get that the site was looking pretty sloppy as of late... and...ummm... some parts were missing.  And... yeah... we lost all our Station Blogs and News Articles... and our Player stopped responding locally...and...

So, what's important here is that we've recovered some of the earlier blog posts that go back 3 or 4 years and we've rebuilt the website.  There's a lot of things we have planned for the future.  This year we've been fast at work developing apps and, in association with myTuner Radio, we're now available on Roku, Amazon Fire TV, via Alexa and on Echo devices, as well as Google Home. So, we're definitely a very busy bunch these days. 

We're happy that you're a part of the experience as we grow and expand the station into different markets and all sorts of interesting directions.  Thank you!


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