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DFW Radio - Retooling

David Orwig | Dec 30 '20
Since 2001 we've been doing this ... thing. After all this time I still don't know what to call it... my hobby... a "passion"... a second career, maybe?  It sort of feels like all three, except, as a career... it's certainly cost more that it's earned.  I know this because it hasn't earned a dime. DFW Radio has always...

September 2020 - Updates - Fall Schedule - What's New?

David Orwig | Sep 12 '20
Just like that... we blinked... and Summer was a blurry memory.  We're all doing okay, here in Honey Brook, PA. The station is now streaming on a much higher quality server, and the one thing that seems to be a recurring theme around here is a revolving door of upgrades.  Last month, we celebrated our 19th year on the air, a...

Just In Time

David Orwig | Dec 19 '17
Anther Holiday season is upon us.  Every year we get into the spirit of the season and bring you some of the best Christmas memories, both past and present... from the middle of November to January 1st.  This year is no exception... but it almost didn't happen. You probably noticed that we were off the air from late September to...

Happy Anniversary DFW Radio!

David Orwig | Aug 11 '17
Monday morning , August 20, 2001 at 5:00am... was a quiet, rainy, not-very-illustrious start to a Summer day. Back then, I had a day job, working in the IT Department for Allegheny County, in Pittsburgh.  9/11 was a few short weeks away... and I had 2 hours to get myself ready to go to work, via the daycare to drop off my daughter, and a...

Program Lineup Changes

David Orwig | Dec 16 '16
Happy Holidays to our awesome listeners! Prior to our "big move" (still in progress!) the team sat down to discuss scheduling and programming for the first half of 2017.  These are "peak listener" times, and it's never a grand idea to make changes to online radio lineups during this particular phase of the year.  While terrestrial...

Christmas Formatting...

David Orwig | Nov 19 '16
You probably never wondered what it takes for a radio station to gear up for a format change that lasts for only 6 weeks out of the year.  Well, now you won't ever have to. The holidays are upon us.  Most of you don't consider this as an epic event in your professional lives, but for the modest, small staff (5) of DFW...

HitMix - Fall Schedule

Charme Cassidy | Nov 1 '16 | Rate: 5
Hi everyone!  I just wanted to take a minute to let you know that HitMix is expanding its program to 5 hours beginning this afternoon, at 3pm to 8pm EST.  Join me for the best of the 70's and 80's every weekday at our new time.  Don't forget to send in your requests via the DFW Radio Request & Feedback group page... or...

Out With The Old... In With The New

David Orwig | Aug 27 '16
After much discussion with the firm of "Me, Myself & I, Inc."... it's been decided to begin the Fall Schedule a little early this year.  There's been some small changes that will effect the weekend schedule, in particular.  "Holly Hop Radio", while a favorite with die hard fans, has been reformatted into the afternoon schedule,...