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    Station Blogs

    David Orwig
    Just like that... we blinked... and Summer was a blurry memory. We're all doing okay, here in Honey Brook, PA. The station is now streaming on a much higher quality server, and the one thing that seems to be a recurring theme around here is a revolving door of upgrades. Last month, we celebrated our 19th year on the air, a milestone that, frankly, continues to thrill us to no end. In belated honor of that momentous occasion, we decided that the website needed yet another upgrade... as all thin... more
    David Orwig
    Okay, so I get that the site was looking pretty sloppy as of late... and...ummm... some parts were missing. And... yeah... we lost all our Station Blogs and News Articles... and our Player stopped responding locally. ..and... So, what's important here is that we've recovered some of the earlier blog posts that go back 3 or 4 years and we've rebuilt the website. There's a lot of things we have planned for the future. This year we've been fast at work developing apps and, in association with my... more
    David Orwig
    Anther Holiday season is upon us. Every year we get into the spirit of the season and bring you some of the best Christmas memories, both past and present... from the middle of November to January 1st. This year is no exception... but it almost didn't happen. You probably noticed that we were off the air from late September to mid-November. Unfortunately, the reasons are too varied to get into, but, needless to say, we were scrambling to resolve the issues in time to launch our Holiday forma... more
    David Orwig Dec 19 '17